Save 80% on blue-collar cost per hire

Save 80% on blue-collar cost per hire

Pay only $500 per hire of Blue-Collar and Hourly Workers with XOR AI Recruiter

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How does it work?

XOR will attract, pre-screen and then schedule the best candidates into recruiters' calendars.

Our modern AI system connects and engages candidates directly rather than via job boards. The whole process is fully automated, that's why our costs are much lower than the competition.

We can deliver blue-collar workers to your door for only $500 per hire within less than 5 days.

AI-powered recruiter XOR

Сreative Approach to Sourcing 

We use non-standard sources to attract applicants, such as AI digital marketing, XOR virtual career fairs, multi-level referral programs, and more.


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sourcing Candidate Base (4)
sourcing Candidate Base (4)

Smart Candidate Scoring

Our intelligent algorithm assesses and scores candidates to ensure they are a perfect match for the type of position you need to fill.

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sourcing sourcing
sourcing sourcing

Hire the Best Candidates

We sync our system to your recruiter or hiring manager's calendar and automatically schedule prescreened candidates for a first interview. All you have to do is select and hire the best.


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ai-powered sourcing scheduling2
ai-powered sourcing scheduling2

The only things we need to know:

1️⃣ What positions are required?

2️⃣ How many people are you hiring?

3️⃣ Where do you hire?



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ai-powered sourcing Candidate Base (2)
ai-powered sourcing Candidate Base (2)

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

Minimum payment - $5 000
First interviews timelines - 2 - 5 business days
Number of hires for min. payment - 10
 Cost per hire - $500
 Money-back Guarantee for positions unclosed over 90 days

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Trusted By The Best

XOR Saves Time and Streamlines Recruiting. I've been using XOR for 2 years and have been amazed by the functionality and the continual addition of new features. Our recruiters have been able to handle 100% more candidates within their pipeline.

Leah Ramsey, VP, HR Maximizer

Lean Ramzey
HR Maximizer

Sara Resti  Hudson PRO

Sara Resti
Hudson RPO

XOR saves valuable time by adding an AI feature to prescreen candidates and not only score them for prioritization but also allows a recruiter's calendar to integrate and set designated times available to do a phone screen, which saved a ton of steps in coordination and allows recruiters to do what they do best... deliver great candidates to our clients!

Excellent people with great ideas for any company.
It is easy, effective and the feedback for our teams was very positive. It is modern, saves time and engages the team.

Lina Kalogerea

Lina Kalogerea
Pizza Hut

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