XOR - your chatbot recruitment assistant

Recruitment assistant for companies

  • Candidates pre-screening
    XOR can save up to 70% of the recruiter’s time, automating the pre-screen process.
  • Sorts applicant pool
    XOR scores your applicants, according to how likely will they match the job opening.
  • HR-Brand
    XOR builds an HR-brand that people love, keeping your candidates engaged, providing them instant feedback, status updates and guidance through the interview process.
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XOR is a candidate’s career advisor

  • Available 24/7, so it immediately responds to every candidate
  • Guides every candidate through the application process
  • Asks pre-screen questions
  • Provides information about the hiring process
  • Updates candidates if the application status changes
  • Informs candidates, if a vacancy is closed
  • Delivers recruiter's messages to candidate's messenger
  • Provides onboarding and training materials
  • 100% customizable
  • Available on Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Slack and by SMS
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What our clients say

For MyMind I've hired a Senior Scala developer, that XOR introduced me to. Very satisfied with the candidates quality level, thank you!

Vyacheslav Baranov
CTO @MyMind

Hey, we've just closed the positions of Scala and Python devs with candidates you sent us. XOR is awesome, thank you! I'll make sure to promote you inside the company.

Nikita Shchipanov, Project manager
Home Credit and Finance Bank

I found XOR because it hunted me on a Slack development channel, and it already gave me two hires.

Gaël Delalleau
CTO @Baatch